• Flexible Mechanisms

    TREE is proposed as a consultant for the predisposition of CDM / JI projects and in particular for the predisposition of Project Design Document

    Flexible Mechanisms
  • Voluntary Market

    TREE srl offers qualified and certified services for  the voluntary reduction of CO2 emissions

    Voluntary Market
  • ETS

    Predisposition of procedures for the definition of methodologies, timing, actions and responsibilities for activities related to the management of CO2 emissions.

  • Trading

    TREE offers advice to companies to manage their emission securities, and to private subjects who want to invest in a new market.

Trading and Consulting for a Green Future

Energie rinnovabili

Renewable Energy

Efficienza energetica

Energy Efficiency

Edilizia sostenibile

Sustainable Construction

TREE Srl was founded as a service company related to sustainable development, and works specially in the field of certification and consultancy in energy and environmental aimed at reducing emissions of pollutants generating greenhouse. TREE Srl provides assistance in the development and application of economic mechanisms expected by the Directive EmissionTrading and the Kyoto Protocol and works as a trader in the market for CO2 emissions. TREE Srl offers highly specialized services related to interventions aimed at energy saving in civil and industrial sector, the energy certification of buildings and evaluation of the life cycle of products / process (LCA). In addition TREE Srl provides environmental monitoring services, flue gas analysis, thermographic surveys, with collection and processing of benchmarks.