TREE offers  to those companies subject to compliance the following services:

Organization of procedures for the definition of methodologies, timing, actions and responsibilities for activities related to the management of CO2 emissions:

  •  collection of data required to calculate CO2 emissions;
  •  measures and verification of instrument calibration;
  •  determination of CO2 emissions based on the parameters of the Guidelines;
  •  comparison between the calculation of emissions and the results of any measurements made on the system;
  • recording, analysis and storage of data, flow of communications;
  • possible integration with existing environmental management systems ISO 14001 and / or EMAS and ISO 9001 quality systems.

Support for the monitoring and reporting of CO2 emissions and all related activities:

  • verification of deviations from the predictions of emission tradings;
  • budget and trends of emissions;
  • corrective measures aimed at reducing emissions of CO2;
  • preparing and updating of monitoring plans;
  • updating of authorizations;
  • predisposition of the annual report as required by the Guidelines, to be presented to the accredited elected authority;
  • assistance during the verification and transmission of the communication to the competent authority by 31 March each year.Periodic review of data and determination of CO2 emissions.

    Support for the exchange of emission allowances and assistance for swap transactions EUA / CER. Portfolio management of company’s emission trading.

    TREE also can boast inside a team qualified by Rina Service Spa as a Team Leader and Auditor for the performance of third-part audits in many different  sectors. Since five years TREE staff participates in the execution of third-party audits under its responsibility and takes part in all the activities of training and updating necessary to maintain the qualification. The staff of TREE Srl in-depth knows and operates relatively to all the aspects for verification of the emissions of CO2 with continuous updating of all applicable regulations.