Flexible Mechanisms

TREE is proposed as a consultant for the predisposition of CDM/JI projects and in particular for the predisposition of Project Design Document – PDD – thanks to many contacts with institutions and national and international companies due to cultural training of its staff, on many occasions invited and present at national and international scientific conferences (Conference ASME, ASME Committee, ECOS Conference et al.), political/institutional (COP 2007 COP2008, COP2009), academic (International master in GHG mitigation) and professional. TREE is able to provide support in all phases of the development of CDM/JI projects thanks to the partnership with specialists in the individual segments of interest. TREE is active in the voluntary reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by subjects not required (carbon offset) and contributed to the design of procedures for the voluntary washout of carbon credits, as well as the conception of proprietary softwares that allow the evaluation of CO2 avoided.