• Livia Arcioni

    Livia Arcioni - Mechanical Engineer
    Amministratore e Legale Rappresentante – Responsabile Energia +39 334 6445630

    Dr. Eng Livia Arcioni Ph. D.
    Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering, Master’s Degree in International Technologies for the reduction of Greenhouse Gas generating effect.
    Engineer specialized in HVAC systems, electrical systems, fire-fighting design and operational plans of security.
    Lead Auditor qualified in accordance with the European Directive 2002/87/EC for the execution of Audit of Third Party in the Emissions Trading Scheme
    Auditor in accordance with UNI CEI EN 16001 on Energy Management Systems.
    Research activities in: renewable energy, energy efficiency in buildings, Cogeneration Heat and Power, generating greenhouse gas reduction.

  • Daniela Leonardi

    Daniela Leonardi - Environmental Engineer
    Amministratore e Legale Rappresentante – Responsabile Settore Ambiente+39 334 6445631

    Dr. Eng Daniela Leonardi Ph. D.
    Degree in Environmental Engineering, PhD in Industrial Engineering, admitted to the
    Engineers since 2002.
    Environmental Advisor for several Italian companies within the Emission Trading Scheme, the European Project in collaboration ASIA PRO ECO, research and teaching in Energy Efficiency of property according to the Directive 2002/91/EC.
    Planning and consulting for the construction of air conditioning systems and related, design and consultancy for the construction of plants for the exploitation of renewable energy, anti-fire design, acoustic design according to DPCM 5/12/97.

  • Stefania Proietti

    Stefania Proietti - Mechanical Engineer
    Socio – Responsabile Carbon Management +39 334 6445633

    Dr. Eng Stefania Proietti, Ph. D.
    She was born in Assisi (PG) January 5, 1975. Degree in mechanical engineering specialized in energy (2000), Master’s Degree in Management of Energy Systems (2003), PhD in Industrial Engineering (2004). Professor in charge of Economics (undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering, University of Perugia), author of 40 scientific publications and inventor of patents in the energy sector. Member of the order of Engineers of the Province of Perugia since 2000, Energy Manager, a member of ASME, AIEE, IN-ARCH and energy certification of buildings SACERT. Member of the inspection teams of the Services Manager – GSE SpA Member of the Working Group 15 “GHG – Greenhouse gases” of the Environmental Commission UNI (Italian Organization for Standardization) and designated by Uni as a delegate on the committee ISO / TC 256 Carbon Capture and Storage. Founder and current President of TREE Ltd, was among researchers candidates to the predisposition and revision of the framework V Report of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change).

  • Umberto Desideri

    Umberto Desideri - Mechanical Engineer
    Responsabile Settore Ricerca +39 329 4103939

    Prof. Umberto Desideri
    PhD in Energy Engineering. Professor at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Perugia from December 2004 till now.
    Member of the Editorial Board of the scientific journal ASME Journal of Fuel Cell Science and Technology since 2005. Member since 2007 and Associate Editor since 2010 of the Editorial Board of the scientific journal Applied Energy.
    Chair of the organizing committee of the International Congress ICAE2011, which was held in Perugia 16 to 18 May 2011. Chair of the Coal Biomass and Alternative Fuels Committee of the International Gas Turbine Institute from 2006 to 2008.
    Since 1994 Member American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Since 2010 he is member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers that is processing the Perfomance Test Code 48 “Overall Plant Performance with Carbon Capture”
    In 2005 the founder of Academic Spin-off: Technologies for Reducing Emissions Engineering Srl and the Academic Spin-off: Biomass and New Technologies Srl
    Author of many scientific studies in: Advanced Power Plants, Fuel Cells, Renewable Energy Sources, Greenhouse Gas Mitigation, Energy and Environment, Fluid Dynamics.

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