Energy and Environmental Monitoring

TREE Srl offers a highly specialized technical support to companies and private subjects for the energetic and/or environmental monitoring activities (continuous measurement, recording and processing), with the aim of finding solutions for the reduction of fuel consumption and pollutant emissions.

In particular, TREE Srl has the following instrumentation:

  • HT PQA824 electrical network analyzer, able to handling measures and records the main electrical parameters of single-phase and three-phase (voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, energy, etc..) as well as detect the typical problems in the industrial sector (power quality, commutation of switching power supplies, failure of PC networks, analysis of not-linear circuits, power factor correction, motor starting, etc..).
  • Tool for verification and project system commissioning and earth HT GEO 416.
  • Digital Multimeter and verification data network LAN HT M75.
  • Device for checks on machines and switchboards FULLTEST 4058.
  • Ultrasonic Flowmeter GE TransPort PT878.
  • Sensors for remote reading meters Tecnowatt TView.
  • Delta Ohm HD4010 sound level meter for sound level measurements and acoustic design. TREE is therefore able to provide advice, projects, reports of noise impact in accordance with the law, acoustic solutions in general.
  • Thermometer Delta Ohm HD9215.
  • Heat Flow Almemo 2690 for the measurement of the thermal insulation of walls in place (in accordance with ISO 9869:1994 method).
  • FLIR FLIR for non-destructive and non-intrusive aimed at identifying the presence of localized losses and leaks, mold, structural defects, display of dispersion energy, etc..

    In addition, TREE Srl, thanks to the gained experience of its employees, provides a testing and certification of photovoltaic systems and consulting services to audit assessment, thanks to the following instrumentation:


  • HT SOLAR device 300 to perform all tests necessary to verify the efficiency of photovoltaic single-phase and three-phase plants and carry out the testing according to the requirements of the law.


  • MacSolar SLM018c-2, solar radiation manual dosimeter accompanied by a sensor for the measurement of global radiation, a sensor for temperature measurement, display and control unit.