Energy Efficiency

Sustainability can, indeed it must, be done mostly by saving energy!

A rational use of resources can be achieved using technologies available commercially and through highly qualified skills, which TREE Srl is able to offer thanks to the many years of experience in the field of technological applications and scientific research at international level.

TREE Srl provides specialized consultancy in all areas of intervention for saving energy, developing innovative and customized solutions.

An effective therapy, however, depends on a good diagnosis.

TREE Srl offers to its customers a service that includes in-depth and targeted energy audits, which allow to know in detail the electrical and thermal consumptions, often of difficult accounting, and to study the most appropriate solutions to achieve significant energy savings and consequently economic .

TREE Srl identifies the energy building or company demands (present and future) and the intervention opportunities offered by the most advanced technology and appropriate to the situation in question. TREE Srl provides also for the technical, economic and financial feasibility analysis of possible identified projects.

TREE Srl is also ESCO (Energy Service Company) and includes energy managers on its staff with decades of experience in civil, commercial and industrial fields.

Our areas of intervention in the field of energy saving:

  • cogeneration and tri-generation;
  • district heating;
  • solar cooling;
  • storage systems;
  • high-efficiency motors and variable speed controls;
  • efficient lighting for indoor;
  • monitoring and remote control;
  • Energy Management;
  • energy management in buildings;
  • power factor of the electric loads;
  • LED lighting;
  • optimization interventions and energy recovery from production cycles;
  • reuse of waste materials for the production of energy;
  • design interventions and efficiency interventions on heating and air conditioning standard EN 16001 (energy management system requirements) plants.