Renewable Energies

TREE Srl has gained considerable experiences in various fields related to the exploitation of renewable energy sources such as:

Solar photovoltaic both small and large size:
TREE Srl oversaw the design and implementation of many small systems integrated into buildings, able to take care of the needs of the town thanks to the exploitation of the mechanism of the “Net Metering”. The staff TREE also followed the development of projects of great size (several MW) related to the exploitation of the “Feed-in tariff”, following all the authorization process, implementation and testing.
Solar thermal for the production of domestic hot water and integration of environmental heating:
TREE Srl has always taken care of buildings design  with high energy efficiency, including solar integration even before it became mandatory, following the entry into force of Legislative Decree n. 311/06, as amended, in addiction to the more stringent regional and municipal regulations. So, the staff of TREE Srl knows very deeply currently technologies available on the market in order to guide the customer towards those choices that mainly match to own needs and requirements.

Geothermal plnts at low temperature for air-conditioning  buildings:
TREE Srl, always sensitive to technological development, supervised the design and construction of the first geothermal heat pump for residential complexes of a certain size in Umbria. The expert advice of the Company has gone to the characterization of the ground by running a GRT campaign to check on-site the feasibility of installation and the thermal performance of the system.

Mini and microeolic for the production of electric energy:
TREE Srl has promoted in the last year the development of the wind energy sector in Central Italy and especially in Umbria, aware of the difficulties related to the morphology of the sites and landscape constraints. TREE Srl has therefore undertaken, together with other partners of the territory, in a phase of study of existing technologies, in order to develop a type of small size wind turbine suitable for the characteristics of the areas of Central Italy. In addition TREE Srl is actively participating in the evaluation process of regional legislation to simplify the authorization process in the installation of wind turbines.

Biomass for the combined production of electricity and heat energy:
TREE Srl boasts among its staff one of the leading national experts, from the academic point of view, in the development of biomass energy. With the gained experience, the company has worked in the production of thermal energy, both domestic and industrial. We also achieved a significant experience in the field of cogeneration from biomass, fueled by both vegetable oil and pellet / woodchips.

Anaerobic Digestion systems:
The Staff of TREE Srl has been operating for a decade now in the anaerobic digestion of animal wastes and vegetable scraps, firmly convinced that also by wastes is possible to produce electricity and useful heat. TREE srl has experience in particular in the preparation of feasibility studies for anaerobic digestion plants. From the scientific point of view, TREE Srl participates at the Working Group on Bioenergy together with institutional leaders in the industry.