Sustainable Construction

In recent years the concept of environmental sustainability and energy efficiency has become increasingly important in the construction industry, which can be attributed to about 40% of energy consumption and 20% of the polluting emissions.

For this reason, TREE Srl offers a specialized advice in building design with parameters of energy and environmental sustainability, through a high-level technical support and mentoring of the customer in all phases of planning and design, to implementation and management of buildings, facilitating the transition from traditional methods to an integrated approach.

TREE Srl is specialized in the design of eco-friendly buildings with a high level of comfort and low energy consumption, made according to parameter of bio-architecture, bioclimatic and environmental sustainability, using natural materials, and by using the exploitation of renewable energies.

Particular attention is placed during the design phase to the perfect harmony of the system enclosure-system, minimizing energy consumptions and CO2 emissions, through the creation of an intelligent packaging, high-performance thermal insulation, solar screens, the use of sustainable and recyclable materials, the collection and reuse of rainwater, rational use of energy and water resources, exploitation of renewable sources.

The technical staff of TREE srl is also expert in the preparation of Energy Performance Certificates (APE), in compliance with the requirements of National Guidelines and State Regulations on Energy Certification, for property sales and leasing object. Moreover, thanks to the specific skills in its workforce, TREE Srl offers a support to the certification of own property according to the standards and SACERT KlimaHouse, in addiction to the ability to create passive houses  and in Class A.

TREE Srl performs design and consultancy for the energy efficiency upgrading of existing buildings, supporting the customer in the practices to obtain deductions of 55%: from the technical report on energy consumption of the building to the compilation and sending of the forms to the competent authorities.

The team of experts TREE is also proposed for the realization of Certification of Environmental Sustainability according to national and international standards, such as LEED, ITHACA, SB100. TREE Srl is today one of the leading experts due to the high number of certified buildings, in the preparation of the Certification of Environmental Sustainability prepared according to the Standard of the Umbria Region, derived from the Ithaca Protocol and indispensable to be able to access all the types of incentives available in our region.

The scientific and technical preparation of the staff meant that TREE Srl has developed in recent years a patented procedure for energy  and environmental certifying, applicable to both existing buildings and new constructions. This method considers all of the parameters in the EU Directive, not only kWh/m2/year consumed, but also the presence of renewable energies, interior comfort and the use of environmentally friendly building materials assessed by LCA.