Rating an EIA

It is a simplified process compare to that required for the EIA, and applies to specific projects.

It refers to the general discipline of Art. 20 of Legislative Decree n. 3 April 2006, n. 152 (as amended by the second corrective decree, Legislative Decree no. N. 4/2008), which configures the verification procedure of the project screening to EIA as a true sub-discrete procedure, characterized by the participation of stakeholders and intended to end with an act which represent something like a measure, subject to publication.

The procedure for the screening of the project plays, in its articulation, the principal phases of EIA, namely:
1. introductory phase – submission of the application;
2. advertising to initiate proceedings;
3. preliminary phase – submitting comments;
4. final phase – the final decision;
5. publicity for the decision.

The technical staff of TREE Srl supports customers during the process of development of Environmental Impact Assessments, through:

  • The analysis and evaluation of the project to develop and correct identification of the authorization process.
  • The preparation of all project works necessary for the preparation and delivery of requests for authorization to the competent authorities.

The assistance during the approval process and relations with the relevant bodies, including the participation of skilled staff in the preliminary meetings in the conference services, and further opportunities for discussion with the relevant bodies.