Green Certificates

Since 1999 he has been operating in Italy an incentive system of electricity produced from renewable sources, defined as the “Green Certificates”.
It is a mechanism consisting of “obligations” imposed on producers of fossil sources, combined with “benefits” offered to producers from renewable sources. The producers of fossil sources are required to transform every year a percentage of their production from fossil to renewable sources; if they don’t, or do it so partially, they must buy green certificates in amounts corresponding to the not-transformed part of energy and deliver it to the GSE. At the producers from renewable sources is granted, every year, a Green Certificate for each MWh produced, that they may trade, and so give way to those producers from fossil sources that had not reached the required result.
Green Certificates are recognized for the production of electricity from biomass, wind, hydro, biomass and biogas cogeneration.
The Decree N. 28/2011 entered into force on 29 March 2011, which transposed the renewables Directive 2009/28/EC, tracks the future of Green Certificates for systems that will enter in service after 31/12/12 and the rules for the transition.

In a constantly evolving regulatory landscape, TREE, with its many years of expertise, offers to its customers a 360 ° service including:
- Feasibility studies and design form preliminary to execution of renewable energy systems;
- Advice on technical and authorizations legislation;
- Request SSR (Renewable Sources system) and CEH (High Efficiency Cogeneration) at the GSE;
- Evaluation, registration and obtaining Green Certificates;
- Management and securities trading (buying and selling of securities in the market or through bilateral agreements with parties imposed);
- Examination on the possible acquisition of securities complementary to White Certificates (Green Certificates and CO2 credits);
- Communication activities concerning the environmental achievements.
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