White Certificates

To encourage the use of energy efficiency technologies in 2004 were launched two ministerial decrees by the Ministry of Productive Activities and the Environment and the Protection of the Territory, the Ministerial Decrees of 20 July 2004, amended and supplemented by subsequent Ministerial Decree of December 21, 2007 amended again by the legislative decrees 115/2008 and 28/2011.

The mechanism, innovative in the world, has led to the creation of a market for energy efficiency certificates, the so-called White Certificates, attesting the interventions realized, similar to that of Green Certificates adopted for the promotion of renewable energy in electricity generation.

The Authority for Electricity and Gas has been entrusted with the task of drawing up guidelines to establish in details the mechanism of the Decrees.

TREE offers to its customers a service of technical support and expert advice for the design and drafting of standardized designs or analytic designs and for the preparation of project proposals, at cost, with the plans to monitoring of the energy savings achieved.
In detail TREE offers to its clients the following services:

  • Energy audit, monitoring and data collection;
  • Analysis of technical and economic feasibility;
  • Verification of the possibility of obtaining and quantification of the incentives;
  • Evaluation, registration and procedures for White Certificates;
  • Management and securities trading (buying and selling of securities in the market or through bilateral agreements with parties imposed);
  • Examination of the possible acquisition of securities complementary to White Certificates (Green Certificates and CO2 credits);
  • Communication activities concerning the environmental achievements.

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